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This was an interesting project. There are no calculations, just a set of form fields that filter depending on the type of financial project.

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Estate Planning

What, approximately, is your overall net worth?

Approximately how much of your net worth do you currently have invested?

Have you made any substantial gifts to others from your estate over the years?

Long-Term Care Planning

Do you currently have any Long-Term Care Insurance?

Which city/town do you live in?

Do you want coverage at home to be provided so that you don’t have to live in a nursing home or an assisted living facility?

Retirement Planning

Approximately how many years is it until you retire?

What are your approximate annual fixed and ongoing expenses (after taxes)?

Approximately how much do you currently have set aside for retirement?

How much do you add to your retirement savings annually?

Investment Placement and Oversight

Do you like choosing individual stocks?

Do you like pooled investments (funds and ETFs, for example)?

Do you understand what being a fiduciary responsible to you means in the field of investment placement & oversight?

Life Insurance Planning

Would you like to be educated about the various types of life insurance?

What do you believe you need life insurance for?

Do you have an approximate idea of how much life insurance you want to own?

Do you have any experience with life insurance trusts?

Educational Planning

Do you have a rough idea of how much one year of tuition costs at the type of college and/or grad school you want to save for (public, private, community, etc.)?

How old are your children (in years)?

Do you know what “529 Plans” are?

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Terms of Use: The information you submit will only be used to follow up with you and you will not be added to our email list without your consent. Filling out this form does not obligate you to become our client.

This is set up for a client so their interest rates may not be the same as yours. But it’s all easily editable of you want something different.

If you want a version like this please contact me.

Note that these plugins are not free. The cost depends on the complexity of the plugin and what changes you need doing.