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Spanish loans

This was quite a fun project. You set the loan amount and the number of installments you want to make and it calculates how much you will pay. You can then change the date of the first payment and the repayment info updates. The link at the bottom of the form summarizes all the loan details. The button takes you off to wherever the loan application is processed.

Calcula tu crédito online

¿Cuándo quieres pagar la primera cuota?
El resto de cuotas vencerán una cada 30 días desde la fecha en que se fije el pago de la primera cuota.
Importe solicitado
Tipo de interés mensual
Cuotas e importe por cuota
Fecha de la primera cuota
Total a devolver
*Por ejemplo, un crédito de 100€ a devolver en 15 días genera unos intereses de 17€ (TAE = (1+425,83%/12)^12 = 3725,93%).

This is set up for a client so their interest rates may not be the same as yours. But it’s all easily editable of you want something different.

If you want a version like this please contact me.

Note that these plugins are not free. The cost depends on the complexity of the plugin and what changes you need doing.