Specialist Wordpress Calculators


This is more of a development exercise than a ready to use plugin. As I come up with ideas I add them to the framework to see what happens. What you see here is the plugin with everything enabled:

Repayment Calcuator

I need this much
With this downpayment
For this long:
Interest Rate
Loan Type
Your credit rating
Credit Score
Loan Term
Credit rating
Interest to pay
Monthly repayment
Total to pay

In its basic format you just get the amount and term sliders and the repayment outputs on the right.

You have options to add the downpayment, interest and credit score sliders, credit score buttons, loan type selector and an apply now button.

All the colours and styling are in the CSS file.

Download the Plugin

Caveat: the plugin you see is free but is unsupported. If you want any changes you have to pay for them. If you break it I can’t really help as it’s my plaything.