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Multistep Application

This is for those occasion when you need a bit more information than a simple application form can provide. The form is set up as a multistep application with all sorts of fields.

I’ve only made a few fields in the demo mandatory, this is really just so you can see how it could work for you.

Loan amount: ZAR2000
Term: 12 months
Loan amount
Number of months
Interest rate
Total amount repayable
Monthly repayment
Initiation fee (payable upfront)
Please complete all marked fields
Your full name *
Email address *
Telephone Number *
Home Address *
Please complete all marked fields

Income and Employment

Monthly Net Income (after deductions) *
Employment *
Name of Employer
Work telephone number
Job title
Business name *
Please complete all marked fields


Your monthly displosable income is
Monthly accomodation cost *
Monthly utilities bills *
Monthly cost of food and groceries *
Existing monthly loan repayments
Other Expenditure (including entertainment)
Please complete all marked fields

Validation and Declarations

Required documents. If you don't have the documents to hand you can send them later.
Valid ID
Proof of address
Last 3 months bankstatements
Please complete all marked fields


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If you want this plugin get in touch as it’s not a simple thing to install and configure.