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Multistep Application

This is for those occasion when you need a bit more information than a simple application form can provide. The form is set up as a multistep application with all sorts of fields.

I’ve only made a few fields in the demo mandatory, this is really just so you can see how it could work for you.

Loan Application

Required fields are marked with an asterisk

Loan Details

Borrowing: £1000
Term: 1 month
Total to Pay
Purpose of loan *
How do you intend to repay this loan?
Please complete all marked fields

Personal Details

Full name *
Email address *
Telephone number
Date of Birth
Marital Status
Proof of identity document *
Please complete all marked fields


House/Flat number and road
Type of Residence
Document type
Proof of address document
Please complete all marked fields


Monthly accomodation cost
Monthly utilities bills
Monthly cost of food and groceries
Estimated monthly cost of entertainment
Existing monthly loan repayments
Other Bills
Enter the monthly amount
Please complete all marked fields

Employment and Income

Monthly Net Income
Employment *
Name of Employer *
Business name *
Job title *
Please complete all marked fields


This is just some gemeric words you can put on the page to explaon something. Useful if you want to add a caveat or some other condition that applies to a field.
Please complete all marked fields


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If you want this plugin get in touch as it’s not a simple thing to install and configure.