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Credit Union with Application Form

This little project has a simple calculator with two repayment options and uses the same code base as this Czech version. When you click to apply you have a choice about which one you want to use:

I need:
Weekly RepaymentsMonthly Repayments
Weekly Total CostMonthly Total Cost
Weekly Total InterestMonthly Total Interest

Please enter your details below to start the application process.
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Enter the word YES in the box:
Disclaimer: Interest rates are estimated and may differ based on credit evaluation and loan amount from banks and financial institutions. This Calculator can only be used as a guide to help you to get a better sense of your potential monthly repayment commitments. It does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the figures presented. We explicitly disclaim liability for any possible errors or omissions.

This is set up for a client so their interest rates may not be the same as yours. But it’s all easily editable of you want something different.

If you want a version like this please contact me.

Note that these plugins are not free. The cost depends on the complexity of the plugin and what changes you need doing.